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Our four communities create "Home" and a vibrant "community within a community" for seniors in Lake Crystal, Le Center, Mapleton and New Richland.

We have taken a unique approach to senior housing. Rather than serving several hundred people in one residential community, we focus on serving a small group of people extremely well in a place that they love to call "home." Our Ecumen locations provide suite residences for up to 22 people in an easy-access one-level home located in residential neighborhoods in Lake Crystal, Le Center, Mapleton and New Richland.

Our communities are part of Ecumen, which is Minnesota's largest non-profit senior housing and services organization.

Visit the Ecumen Career Opportunity Center to:

You'll also learn about Ecumen's values, watch videos of real employees' stories and find information about Ecumen's employee benefits.

Ecumen Lifestyle Covenant

Each person who lives in an Ecumen community has different interests and passions. Empowering each person’s individual being is essential to honoring those we serve. The Ecumen Lifestyle Covenant is a partnership between our staff and the people we serve.

Read more about it here.